Monday, November 23, 2009

How to Masturbate in the Shower

If you are having a difficult time finding time for sex, make time to take care of yourself by masturbating. One of the best places to masturbate is in the shower. You can do this alone or with a partner. All the ingredients are there--you've got to rub all over your body anyway. And you don't even have to go somewhere else to clean up.

1)Get the water to a comfortable temperature so that it doesn't interfere with the fantasy you create to get yourself aroused. You don't want your sexuality sidetracked by cold or scalding water.

2)Use a good soap that creates good suds and doesn't easily rinse off. You could use oil for this and wash it off later, but you don't have to do anything out of your routine with a good lather in hand. Gel shaving cream could also be a good substitute for soap--it will glide, slide and clean in one stroke.

3)Start with the other areas of your body that turn you on. If you enjoy having your nipples rubbed, then wash them first as you begin your masturbation fantasy. Work it up to under your arms and across the backs of your knees and over your butt. Then masturbate your sex organ to the grand finale.

4)Bring toys to the shower with you. Make sure your electronic toys use batteries and will not shock you when wet. Read the box, but most sex toys are safe to use in water. After all, they'll get wet somehow when used correctly.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wetsuit sex

Anyone tried sex in wetsuit before?

Old article:

Kim tries sex in a wet suit

Cattrall, 51, and the 36-year-old former Calvin Klein model shot the homage to 1950s classic From Here To Eternity on Malibu beach.

How to Have Hot Sex

Knowing how to have hot sex will help you to spice up sex in the bedroom. You can heat things up with your partner by trying new positions, trying new locations and having a quickie whenever you can. Change your ideas and attitude about sex to turn your partner into a sex machine.

1)New Positions

Try a new sex position with your partner. You don’t need to cause a controversy in your love making, just move to a different side, try standing up or in a doorway. You can use a big soft chair, or other furniture to help you prop each other up for a variety of different positions.

Your partner will be turned on without even thinking about it. You will have hot sex everyday if you keep it fresh and new.

2)New Locations

Try a new location for sex if your sex life has become boring. You can try different locations in your home such as the kitchen, the laundry room, the pool, the hot tub, the closet, the living room floor, the living room couch, the hallway or outside in the yard (as long as no one else can see you).

You can also try other locations outside of your home as long as you are not seen by anyone else. You may be able to try sex in an elevator, in a stairwell, in a park, on the beach, in a hammock, in a tree fort or other fun location.

Knowing how to have hot sex will heat things up in your bedroom.

Try a quickie to spice up your sex life. If you feel like you do not have time for your partner or for sex, you can make time. You can meet your partner at home to have a quickie at lunch. Meet your partner in the maintenance room at work to have a quickie on a break. You can even meet your partner on the side of the road and have a quickie in the bushes.

Pretend like you are secret lovers hiding your relationship. Sneaking around will spice things up and you will enjoy sex more and have more of it.

Have more sex this week, it is good for your mind, body and soul.

How to flirt like a pro


Get yourself a copy of “Flirtexting: How To Text Your Way To His Heart,” a book written by two self-proclaimed good flirtexters, Olivia Baniuszewicz and Debra Goldstein. In the book, the pair explains the dating scene based on the premise that men are ahead of women when it comes to understanding text messages. By catching up to men in the texting realm, you can be closer to landing his heart via SMS.

Some of their winning texts include: “Cancel your plans. I just got you better ones,” and “Your company, my treat. Dinner tonight?” For more tips, visit


This is as simple as holding your purse the right way and drawing attention to specific parts of your body. For instance, hang your purse on your forearm and leave your wrist up and out. By doing this, you are commanding your personal space. Now THAT is sexy!

When you pick up your napkin at the dinner table, do so in an elegant fashion. Keep your fingers pointed, and be poised and sensual. You can even do the same as you eat your meal. Little dainty bites brought up to your mouth in a very slow and sensual way will make him only have eyes for you. Just do it tastefully so you don’t end up looking slutty or awkward. He’ll notice–we promise!


Being a classy lady can do wonders. It’s like that old Hollywood glam. Women who are elegant and mature are flirtatious without even trying. Just a simple stare or the way you carry yourself is all it takes to flirt.

Just look at cougars. Men find them quite sexy. And guess why? Because they are sure of themselves and are assertive. Brandon, a man who prefers dating women older than him, says “They know what they’re doing in the bedroom, too. You know you’ll have a good time and you don’t have to pamper their insecurities because they probably don’t have any.”


When in doubt, pretend you don’t know how sexy you are. We asked Matt, a single ladies’ man, what drives him wild, and he said he finds girls who don’t know how sexy they are to be the sexiest. “There’s something about girls just ‘being themselves’ that I find really hot,” he explains. “If they don’t even know they’re flirting, that means it’s just natural to them and they’re inherently sexy.”

Okay, ladies, some of us have this down. For those of us who know, you can always fake it. Flirt but be a little bashful about it. He’ll think you’re clueless about your actions. Bat your eye lashes, let yourself blush, smile and look away…yes, these work!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Small Breasted Women Are Sexy

Small breasted women are sexy. Clothes today are made for small breasted women. Do you believe this? Read on.

Do you feel if you are small breasted that you are not sexy? Do you want to be a bigger bra size? Is that what the media has brain washed you into believing?

After my two children were born my breasts were large and hung almost to my waist. There was absolutely nothing attractive about them. I had to wear a bra all the time with under wires. The under wires bruised my ribs. I was in constant rib pain with or without a bra on.

Also, my posture suffered terribly. I was stooped over from the weight of my breasts. Bad posture back and neck aches are definitely not sexy.

I had a breast reduction performed many years ago. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I have more freedom since I do not have to wear a bra everyday. I only wear one when I feel like it (without underwires).

I have to do exercises daily to straighten my posture. This will be an ongoing battle if I ever want to stand up straight.

With breast cancer running rampant having small breasts would be easier for the doctor to detect if you do have a problem. Catching cancer early is the only way to kick the dreaded disease.

When I see magazines articles written by men and women - brain washing women into thinking they are only sexy and can catch their man with large breasts - I want to vomit.

You are as sexy as you feel. It is now time to boost your self-esteem and say I love my body. I do not need to please anybody but myself.

Small breasted women have as much fun as large breasted women, are more comfortable and look better.

If you are involved in sports large breasts are definitely a disadvantage.

When did you ever see a woman model with large breasts in all the fashion magazines? Only in the ads to get you hooked to have breast implants.

Breast implants are dangerous and expensive to remove. When you are large breasted you look heavier and not in proportion to your body size.

Thank you for reading my article. Please feel free to read any of my other numerous articles on various subjects.

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Take a walk with Christy and Brad down a dark hall hunting for Pirates” Treasure. You will think were you there right there with them.

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Buddhist monk who collapsed whilst having sex with a dog

A Buddhist monk who collapsed whilst having sex with a dog living at his monastery is faced with making some difficult explanations.

The 65-year-old monk lived at a monastery in Thailand, having become a monk to escape a chequered past. Also living at the monastery was a 3-4-year-old female dog, who was with pup.

Even a dog’s feminine wiles apparently proved too much for the cloistered monk, and he took the animal as a companion, sundering his vows of chastity.

However, during an encounter with the animal in a nearby forest, the excitement seems to have got the better of him, and he collapsed, later being found unconscious with the dog still tied to a nearby tree.

Police subsequently confirmed his involvement thanks to traces of his semen found on the dog’s genitals, as well as on his clothes. According to witnesses he also took washing-up liquid from the monastery kitchens to use as a makeshift lubricant, indicating a certain amount of preparation.

It is not clear whether he faces criminal charges, or what the abbot intends to do about the matter.


I CANT BELIEVE THIS! LOL!!!!!!!! So desperate for sex