Monday, November 23, 2009

How to Masturbate in the Shower

If you are having a difficult time finding time for sex, make time to take care of yourself by masturbating. One of the best places to masturbate is in the shower. You can do this alone or with a partner. All the ingredients are there--you've got to rub all over your body anyway. And you don't even have to go somewhere else to clean up.

1)Get the water to a comfortable temperature so that it doesn't interfere with the fantasy you create to get yourself aroused. You don't want your sexuality sidetracked by cold or scalding water.

2)Use a good soap that creates good suds and doesn't easily rinse off. You could use oil for this and wash it off later, but you don't have to do anything out of your routine with a good lather in hand. Gel shaving cream could also be a good substitute for soap--it will glide, slide and clean in one stroke.

3)Start with the other areas of your body that turn you on. If you enjoy having your nipples rubbed, then wash them first as you begin your masturbation fantasy. Work it up to under your arms and across the backs of your knees and over your butt. Then masturbate your sex organ to the grand finale.

4)Bring toys to the shower with you. Make sure your electronic toys use batteries and will not shock you when wet. Read the box, but most sex toys are safe to use in water. After all, they'll get wet somehow when used correctly.